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Image: Downtown Columbus cityscape, featuring iconic buildings and urban skyline in Ohio, USA

About Us

Welcome to R&T Staffing, a purpose-driven organization dedicated to empowering New American communities in the Greater Columbus area. We pride ourselves on being a bridge, connecting job seekers within these communities to opportunities while offering tailored support to employers.

Our Mission

R&T Staffing's mission is to be the catalyst for positive change within underserved New American communities. We strive to foster an inclusive environment that champions diversity, creates growth opportunities, and nurtures a sense of belonging. By connecting job seekers with fulfilling roles and supporting employers in building diverse, engaged teams, we pave the way for individuals and communities to thrive.

Image: Aerial view of Columbus city downtown showcasing the vibrant streets and intersections, capturing the urban layout

By New Americans, for New Americans

Why Choose Us?

At R&T Staffing, we go beyond conventional staffing services. Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and community engagement sets us apart. Here's what defines us:

Diversity and Inclusion

We foster workplace excellence through diversity and inclusion.



 We empower New Americans for community success.


Candidate Success

Dedicated support for candidate success.


Effective Communication

Providing multilingual support and translation services.


Community Impact

Showcasing a commitment to social responsibility and diversity.

Partnership Benefits

By partnering with R&T Staffing, you gain


Commitment to DEI

Elevate your standing in the industry and local community.


Community Engagement

Contribute to underserved communities' empowerment and growth.


Access to Diverse Talent

Tap into a unique and diverse talent pool.


Positive Impact

Enhance your reputation within the community and industry.

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